Red Sky Ranch Lot 16 Residence

Architect: TAB Associates
Location: Wolcott, CO
Geo Installer: Alpine Geothermal Drilling
Geo System: 20 tons nominal
Building Area: 9,000 SF
Status: Completed 2010

Project Description:

Rader Engineering provided mechanical engineering services for this high-end custom home in Red Sky Ranch. The project is pursuing a LEED Silver Certification. The highlight of the mechanical system is the GeoExchange system which consists of twelve 400 feet deep vertical boreholes which serve two ground source heat pumps (GSHP) and a wine room condensing unit. Each GSHP is a 10-ton water-to-water unit that provides heating water to the radiant floors and fan coils during the winter and chilled water to the fan coils during the summer. The year round heat rejection from the wine room condensing unitis dumped into the ground heat exchanger where it is indirectly re-used by the heating system. Due to the GSHP system, no exterior air conditioning units are required for this project. Other energy efficient systems worth noting are the desuperheaters incorporated into the GSHPs which capture waste heat at the compressors and utilize this heat for domestic hot water preheating. Also, there are numerous energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) for efficient and balanced delivery of fresh outdoor air to the home. All of the fan coils in the home are equipped with MERV 13 filters to obtain additional LEED points and to increase air filtration effectiveness. The temperature control system is an Uponor CCN Direct Digital Control system with remote access capabilities.

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