Granby Fire Station

Architect: Alan B, Carter Architect, LLC
Location: Granby, CO
Building Area: 24,000 SF
Cost: $4M
Status: Completed

Project Description:

The mechanical systems for the extravagant Granby Fire Station include a high efficiency condensing boiler system which serves the radiant floor heating, exterior snowmelt and domestic hot water heating. A tailpipe vehicle exhaust system guarantees effective pollutant capture and, in conjunction with a general ventilation system controlled by a carbon monoxide sensor, the indoor air quality in the fire truck garage area is excellent. Additional ventilation is provided by an air-to-air heat recovery ventilator which provides additional fresh air and exhaust air in a very energy efficient manner. The 100% outside air fan coil with heating coil for tempering keeps the office areas under a positive pressure to ensure vehicle exhaust and other pollutants in the garage areas do not transfer into the office areas. Multiple floor drains and trench drains with traffic rated grates feed into a central sediment and oil separator as
required by code.

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