Claridge on Turtle Creek

Architect: Wilson & Associates
Location: Dallas, TX
Building Area: 8,000 SF
Status: Completed 2005

Project Description:

Rader Engineering provided mechanical design services for this high end condominium project located in Dallas Texas. The mechanical systems consisted of a total of 8 water-to-air heat pumps (totaling 31 tons), which were connected to the building’s existing boiler/ tower loop. The units were all located in mechanical closets remote from the rooms that they served, and all ductwork was lined with 1-1/2” of internal duct insulation, to minimize any acoustical transmission issues associated with the heat pumps. All supply and return air was via slot diffusers integrated into the elaborate ceilings. Steam humidification units were incorporated into the HVAC system to meet the Owner’s humidity needs. The entire system was controlled by a Direct Digital Control (DDC) system integrated into the Home Automation System.

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